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The Edge

Christian Tag Team With The Edge... Good brothers er?
Nick name in WWF : The Edge
Real name : Adam Copeland
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 240 pounds
Finishing move: Downward Spiral
Career Highlights: Former Intercontinental Champion,
                                Tag Team Champion (With Christian).
Edge, who is Christian's brother and a leading light in the Federation,
is one of the most mysterious superstars in the World Wrestling Federation.
He often enters the ring from the crowd, thrilling the fans around him.
He seems to be in a constant rage, battling forces from within.
He has been known to lash out at the opposition with ferocity,
and finish them off with a move he calls the Downward Spiral.
Nick name in WWF : Christian
Real name : Jason Reso
Joined WWF in year 1995
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 215 pounds
Career Highlights: Light Heavyweight Champion,
                                Tag Team Champion (with The Edge).
Christian is an impressive young athlete.  This Gothic Warrior is fearless
in the ring, and often risks his own health in order to execute maneuvers.
Christian came to the Federation as Gangrel’s protégé.  It was later
learned that Christian was in fact Edge’s brother.  The three Gothic
Warriors had a brief but stormy history until they finally united as
the Brood.  The Brood now breaks up.  The Edge and Christian form
as tag team wrestlers.
This former Light Heavyweight Champion may be light in poundage,
but makes up for it in his fearless ring style.  He is destined to lead
the Federation into the next millennium.