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I am going to tell a story about my life and sharing some friendship experience...

Please forgive my poor English, I hope you'll enjoy reading this one.  Any grammar mistakes, please email to me at me okay?

As a young kid, I was always lonely, without any friend in Primary school as I am
not the popular girl.  I am never perfect in anything and my father was always dis-
appointed towards my laziness and so on.  I have low self-esteem and confidence
all the time.  I have been talking to walls and dolls.  I have been talking to myself
whenever I felt lonely and sad.  As a kid... I've already failed to be a good human.

So, as life goes on... I went to Secondary school (high school) in KL and I met some
friends staying near my house.  Karen and Yoon... two great friends of mine who
shared happiness and burdens together.  They have been so cool and supportive
to me when I have problem.  Friends... the meaning of it... the contain of it... so pure
yet so complicating.  Karen and I still contact each other but we both lost touch 
with Yoon.  As she's younger than us.  I have shifted to another part of Kuala 
Lumpur in 1994.  (Both Karen and Yoon still staying in the same place.)  In that
new area... I met with my dearest classmates (2Jerai in SM Raja Ali) they are a
bunch of energetic and full of life to me.  They taught me a lot.  Especially when I
have some bad moods and lost temper... they'll tell me and correct me indirect way.
They care how i feel... they cared about friends.  Friends like Liew Poh Li... she had
been taking care of me and sheltered me in her house for a period, as my father was
away for business.  She had been helping me financially when school projects piled
up in front of us... we did everything together... she helped me, I helped her. 
Although... friends do quarrell sometimes.  After arguements... relationship do get
better.  Don't you think so?  But that's for most of the people.  Some people never
learn.  When I joined in Softball Team for that school... as a club member, I get to
know more friends... guys like Desmond, Chee Seng, Fei, Chee Kuan; girls like
Hui Ling, Meow Meow, Hooi Koon, Chee Leng,... fantastic friends... they cheered
me up whenever i am upset or failed to play good games.  Supportive, caring... is 
it those keywords to describe true friends?

Does anyone think that friends are to be used?  I think... yes.  We use them, they
use us... but who doesn't need a helping hand?  Sometimes... family problem... you
wanted to spit it out... they listen to you, you need money.... they lend it to you,
they go parties, movies and places with you.  To share with you all kind of things.
Help you with homeworks, eat popcorns while watching TV shows together with a
big bunch of friends... enjoying together... I personally think that, that's what we call
good buddies.  When I am heart broken, my good friend Everlyn was there to calm
me, pampered me.  When I have some problem... my boyfriend was there for me...
(before we were together).  There was a time... when I needed my two good friend
for 6 years to trust me.  They DIDN'T and on the other hand... they trusted another
guy.  I was totally broke down... my heart sanked, I cried all the while... everyone
I didn't expected to trust me... they turned out to support me and trust me that I am
in trouble... they calm me, help me, distracted me from sadness to happiness.
Sometimes, your MOST good buddies DO betray you once in a while.  But did I
boycott my friends that disrespect me?  Nope, I sincerely treat them as true friend
and I am still friends with them now.  I don't care what people think of my past or
what I have done wrong... mistakes are always mistakes... I can't change it.
Nobody will be perfect.  I admit I am not a perfect girl but at least I am what I am.

To you, I hope you'll realise that who is your true friend.  Find it out yourself... how
they treat you when you have trouble... will they be there for you or push you aside?

I have been inspired by a group of friends... new friends actually... I knew them since
Christmas Eve on 1999.  They were my boyfriend's buddies but they would call 
each other 'brother'.  Kok Sin, Edwyn, Brian Chow, Mark Ong, Choon Hou,
Seong & Soo.  Everytime... when they call each other... first thing they call out is
"YOYOYOYO... BROTHER!!!..."  They have been together for 7years.  I really do
admired and envy their long friendship... how they care for each other, stupid things
they did, the fun times they had have, supporting each other, advising each other
and so on.  The most inspired gang I have ever known.  With them, there's no 
limitation in expressing words, what you plan to do, and so on... they will poke fun
of you for a while... but they are always that supportive to you.  I have no regrets
in knowing them.  I finally found what true friends are for and they are the ones
who inspired me to typed all these....  ^_^  I hoped you enjoy reading this... I have
no other wish than to wish this group... TO ALL OF YOU... ALL THE BEST!!!!
And as for me and Everlyn... LOVE YA!... DO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF...
BE TOUGH!!! FRIENDSHIP FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!  To all of you... PEACE!!!!!!!  ^_^

by E-leen@Yumeko 2000


This is the picture of the 'seven good brothers'.  ^_^
From left: Mark, Seong, Brian, Hou, Edwyn, Soo & Nick.