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Pokemon - Pikachu, April 4, '98.

Introduction for Pikachu
Pikachu is no.1 popular monster in Japan, 151.40cm height and
weights around 6 kilograms.  The main technique is an electric
beam.  Pikachu is cute but it shrinks from fighting other monsters.
*grin* In another short term he is timid.   When it's trainer Satoshi
told Pikachu to challenge Raichu (Pikachu's opponent), knowing
how strong Raichu is,  Pikachu asked Satoshi by gesture (he doesn't
speak) what would he feel if he injures seriously.

Pikachu is a loser at first in fighting it's opponent.  After a battle and
being defeated by Raichu, Pika decided to train himself for another
battle with Raichu.   After the 2nd battle, Raichu gave Pikachu a big
hand shake sincerely but Pikachu scratched it's head in embarrassment.
*giggles* (You should see how cute Pikachu looks ^_^)

The most strong element that parents would like children to watch
this animation program is that - the monsters battle, but no matter
what happened, they won't kill their opponent.  This animation is
humane.  Monsters strive to get stronger, yet are pure and friendly
to each other.  They are rivals only when they battle.

About the Game Boy Soft 'Pocket Monsters'
Produced by the Gamefreak and released from the Nintendo.
A kind of roll playing game with strong characters and a reliable story.
The number of kinds of monsters is 151 at first.  The player should
get all of them to complete a pocket monster reference book,
and it is the condition of clearing the game.  There are other elements
in the game.  You should raise to rise the level of them by battling
against trainers in it, as well as you can do against your friends through
a communications cable.  Usually you are alone to face the TV screen
when you play over the TV games.  Pocket Monsters had established
method and is planned that children can communicate with
their friends during playing games.  The game boy machine is also
pocket sized, convenient enough to take around.   And you can also
exchange the Pocket Monsters with your friends by using the cable.
Although they're called monsters, but most of them are not huge or
violent.  Pikachu, is the most popular monster in this anime.
The monsters doesn't talk.   In this anime, Pikachu only shouts out
'Pika,''Pikachu,' & 'Cha - .'

Story Digest of the Animation
The hero of this anime is Satoshi, a ten-year-old boy.  He starts
on a journey with Pikachu to be a great trainer of these monsters.
Pikachu is shy, but hard to be tame, and doesn't like Satoshi when
they met.  However, on the journey, strong bonds of friendship
grow between them.  Other monsters and two kids, Kasumi, and
Takeshi joined them on the way.  Usually the villain are suppose
to be in every story for children, ^_^ including this one.
The Rocket gang - Musashi and Kojiro, a young couple,
and a cat monster, Meowth, is dull-witted, playing an amusing role.

Japanese Newspaper Bashes Pokemon
An article released from a Japanese newspaper on June 23, 1997 castigated
the children's favorite animation.