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      The love that I have for you,
      keeps growing day by day;
      It fills me up complete inside
      so much I just have to say.

      And tell you that I love you so,
      like no one else before;
      You come and go, each time I see,
      just makes me want you more.

      Deep down inside I explode with joy,
      whenever you are around;
      We need not touch or look,
      nor even speak a sound.

      For we know what each is thinking,
      and how each other does feel;
      This deep love I have for you,
      still seems so unbelievably real.

      It lightens up my every day,
      makes the stars shine even more bright;
      It gives me the strength and energy,
      to be with you late at night.

      I love all the time we share,
      both with you and away when we speak;
      My feelings for you always blossoming,
      and my interest, it continues to peak.

      Curiosity fills me with questions of why,
      So strongly I feel like I do;
      I can't explain this love that I have,
      just know that it's here just for you.

      I love you with all my heart and soul,
      So close you will always be;
      I'll love you forever deeply,
      you will always be one with me.