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                                    by Sherri Emily Avery
Sometimes it's not enough just
to say "I Love You"
Even though I do love you,
I feel I need to express more,
because there is so much more
to our relationship.
Sometimes I need to tell you that
you're the love I live for,
you're my dream made into reality.
Yours are the arms that
I want to hold me close,
and it's your smile that I want
to bring a ray of sunshine in my life,
to even the darkest of my days.
You are the one who tells me to
count to ten and keep believeing in myself.
You tell me to believe in you and in us.
You have become a part of my life
I never want to live without,
and as long as I'm still living,
and as long as you always care,
I want you to know that
I will always be here for you,
to pick you up when you fall,
to dry your tears, and bring the smile back
upon your face, I will do anything for you.
This is a special time in my life
for you are sharing it with me
and I just want to say more than just
"I Love You".