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Being a true romantic involves a certain state of mind. The basics of romance category
is full of ideas that represent a romantic state of mind, how to obtain it and how to
implement being a romantic person everyday.
70. Making compromises
Although my love and I are only 10 mins. apart, we don't see each other very often during
the week. We spend our time together every weekend. We soon discovered that we have
very different weekend sleeping/waking schedules; he likes to sleep in till noon, I'm up at
6am. So we've compromised. On Saturdays I sleep in with him, on Sundays he drags
himself out of bed by 7am, and we go for breakfast and play rummy and talk.
~ Posted 08/20 Submitted by Sonja
69. Making her feel better
Well guys this one is for you! Last night my boyfriend was picking on me and I was in a not
picking mood. So I proceeded to tell him and in mid-sentence his grabbed me and gave me
the most romantic kiss in mid-sentence. Talk about making a girl's day better. You should try
it sometime--I promise she'll like it. Let me know how it turns out.
~ Posted 08/20 Submitted by TLC
68. An intimate moment
One evening, my boyfriend and I were relaxing in front of the TV. We were telling stories
about things we love, and I told him I loved to rock in rocking chairs. After watching a movie,
I began to get tired. I was getting up to go to bed, when he grabbed me and set me in his
lap. He gave me the most passionate kiss, wrapped his arms around me, and laid my head
on his chest. He told me I would always be his baby, and rocked me to sleep!!
~ Posted 08/20 Submitted by lucky
67. 100 Years of Movie Kisses
Buy a copy of 100 Years of Movie Kisses hosted by Lauren Bacall. It certainly got my
boyfriend Jamie of seven months in the mood. He now tries to put some of the passion
n those kisses into ours!
~ Posted 08/20 Submitted by Sara
66. Remember Snail Mail?
Buy (or make) a sweet and simple card. Write a sentence or two about what he means
to you...just because...and MAIL it... everyone loves mail, and everyone loves sweet
~ Posted 07/29 Submitted by Emmie
65. Letters of Love
Even if you live close to your loved one, even if you are married to him/her, loving letters
show that you love him or her, and that you are willing to expend time showing that person
how much you care. They mean even more, of course, when there is a distance to overcome.
Write down your deepest, truest, most intimate feelings -- because being vulnerable with
your lover shows that you trust him or her and strengthens bonds between the two of you.
A suit of armor is not romantic! Be vulnerable, but be sincere.
~ Posted 07/19 Submitted by Shannon
64. Notebook of Ideas
I love reading all of the romantic ideas listed at, but it's not always possible
for me to act on them right away (because of money, time, whatever) every time I find a good
idea, I write it down in a little notebook for future reference. This way, I never forget any of
the great ideas, and I have a huge store of ideas when I feel like doing something romantic.
~ Posted 05/28 Submitted by Jessie
63. Discovering Their Interests
Take one night out and find out each other's needs and rules. These play a big part in
relationships. For example -- some people are turned on more visually -- so presenting
a flower says much more than saying "I love you". Others like hearing the words more
than seeing something have done. Still others like to get a feeling - a touch, a hug --
most people like a combination of these. Sit and discover each other's needs. Take
about 3 hours with each other. It would be the most wonderful thing you'll could do as
you'll would know exactly what each other needs and how to fill it.
~ Posted 05/28 Submitted by Anonymous
62. Make Time For Two
Stay home, make some hot cocoa or iced tea whichever you wish. Wear something very
comfortable and soft. And then just sit on the couch and hold each other, remind yourselves
how lucky you are to have one another. Stare into your eyes, caress, touch, kiss, and...
make love.
~ Posted 04/01 Submitted by Chria Frias
61. Just The Two Of Us
Take your loved one to a place away from the hustle and bustle of town life. Take a blanket
and place it under the trees lie and cuddle the entire afternoon and then watch the moon
rise from behind a mountain, and remember how special the person you are with is!
~ Posted 03/18 Submitted by Robyn
60. Walks And Long Talks
My boyfriend is such a romantic. When we first started dating we went on long walks
through forests, beaches, city parks, and even through 12 inches of snow. We really got
to know each other by talking and realizing how much we have in common. We both
appreciate simple things in life. Keeping romance alive doesn't always mean being
showered with gifts, it is loving each other and appreciating even the smallest
conversation. Talking to your lover is the best way to fall deeper in love.
~ Posted 03/04 Submitted by JANELLE
59. Ultimate Romance
Make love on the beach at night while lying beneath the stars! Simple as that.
~ Posted 03/04 Submitted by Anonymous
58. Classic Romance!
A suggestion for anyone any age would be, while you and your honey are at home put
in a good mellow CD, turn off the lights and tell each other every little thing you ever
wanted to say. Tell them love secrets, stories, anything. You'll both love it.
~ Posted 02/26 Submitted by Angel C.
57. Act Like A Kid Again
It is fun to act like a kid again, you and your mate can go for a walk to the park after dark,
or go to an indoor amusement park and have a blast.
~ Posted 2/18 Submitted by Anonymous
56. Say I Love You Without Saying It
My boyfriend Ben and I have been together for 2 years. He just recently left for college
(Ii am a senior in H.S.). His college is about an hour and ten minutes from my house,
so it is quite a drive. One night during the school week, he decided to surprise me since
we don't get to see that much of each other during the week. He drove all the way to my
house at 3:00 am and left three rocks on my window ledge, along with a rose and a card.
The rocks mean I Love You. ( three words three rocks :) ) It's just the same, when he drops
me off after our dates, I will flick the outside lights on and off three times as he drives away,
just to get in one last I love you.
~ Posted 2/18 Submitted by Lauren
55. Expressions Of Love
Sometimes the best expressions of love, are the unexpected ones. The gift of self, of time,
is a great expression of love. Drawing a bubble bath for your lover, just coming up behind
her when she is busy and taking a moment to express your love, a kiss on the back of the
neck, a soft hug, turning the ordinary moments into romantic moments are very special.
Meeting him at the door with a relaxing drink or whatever he needs to unwind from the day,
the paper, the bed, whatever, are special. When he makes the decisions what to do for
entertainment,or he makes the decision where to eat or where to do, he takes time to
plan a getaway, be it a movie or a weekend, the giving of his time to please you and
show his love, goes a long way.
~ Posted 2/12 Submitted by Marcia
54. Chef of Love
My boyfriend is not a blatant romantic but he has his moments. If he sees I'm having a
particularly rough week he will make a point of cooking me a special meal on one of
his days off work. It may not sound like a big deal but being Italian, he takes his cooking
seriously. One meal takes all day to prepare and is more than worth the wait. It ain't
moonlight and roses... but I love it.
~ Posted 12/30 Submitted by Anonymous
53. A great date for a few bucks!
The most memorable date I was ever on was the time that my ex took me into my back
lawn with a blanket and a lawn chair to look up at the stars. We aren't together, but that
experience remains as a very loving time.
~ Posted 12/30 Submitted by kathryn
52. The Reality of Love
I just wanted to write about how real love needs to be... romance can get so idealistic
sometimes, but there needs to be the down-to-earth, day-by-day element also. The
example most on my heart right now is how my boyfriend (who lives in England-- I'm
in Texas) has really been there for me these past few days as I've been struggling
with family issues. Two nights ago, after coming out of a horrible phone call with my
family, he really comforted me on the phone and calmed me down and reminded me
of his love and encouraged me (even though it was 5:45am where he was). He really
put my needs for love and assurance over his own needs. That's what love is all about--
selflessness... putting the one you love before yourself.
~ Posted 12/16 Submitted by Daftie
51. Respecting Each Other's Interests
My boyfriend and I each have a night set aside that we watch our favorite TV programs.
His is WWF and mine is Party of Five. On Monday nights I cater to him, get him food and
something to drink, make sure he is set so he doesn't have to get up during wrestling.
Then I cuddle up next to him and we watch it together...he does the same for me on
Wednesday nights during Party of Five. Show them you love them and that you have
interest in things that they'll be theirs forever!!!
~ Posted 12/8 Submitted by Erin Michelle
50. The simple things...
When we both go to bed my boyfriend always lays his foot over mine... it shows me how
truly bonded we are...
~ Posted 11/18 Submitted by Nina
49. Quality time spent, not the quantity
My fiance and I have very hectic weeks with work and sometimes it's hard to find quality
time together and get to bed at a reasonable hour. What we do almost every night is light
some candles in the living room, lie down on opposite sides of the couch and rub each
other's feet with lotion and just share about our day. What a great way to relax and catch
up with one another. And it can lead to other ways to relax... use your imagination.
~ Posted 11/18 Submitted by Renee
48. A Time To Hold
The best thing to do is to fall asleep in someone's arms and to wake up there knowing
that you were held all night long by someone you love... It doesn't have to be anything
beyond cuddling...
~ Posted 11/18 Submitted by Vanessa
47. A Sweet Dream
Always remember to tell your loved one "sweet dreams" before you leave them or get off
the phone for the night. They will remember it when they lay down to sleep and you'll be the
last thing on their mind at night!! Also keep a dream journal together. that way you can map
you unconscious love for each other too!!
~ Posted 11/18 Submitted by amber faith
46. Rainy Day
Dance with your honey in the middle of the street in the rain. This is what memories are
made of.
~ Posted 11/18 Submitted by kim
45. Getting Together
When me and my boyfriend get together the first thing we do is give each other a kiss. We
tell each other about our day and share our thoughts about each other. We help each other
with any problems we might have and in the end we are both happy with just being together.
~ Posted 11/18 Submitted by Candy
44. Be his/her best friend
Get to know each other. Know what your partner likes and then do it for that reason, even
if its not your thing! A small sacrifice from you will mean the world to your partner.
~ Posted 11/18 Submitted by Christine
43. Do Something Different
Just do something you don't normally do. Like, go for a hike and have a picnic, or give your
boyfriend or girlfriend a back rub or massage. Sometimes a simple loving looks is enough
to show how much you care. Little notes are always good too.
~ Posted 10/27 Submitted by Lilith
42. Don't ever stop dating!
My boyfriend and I hadn't been on a real date in a long while. So I took matters into my own
hands. I called him and asked if he would reserve his entire night for me. He agreed. I took
him to a new restaurant in town for dinner and drinks. While there, I told the waiters it was
his birthday and they sung to him as his face reddened, (his birthday was a month away,
but we both appreciate harmless jokes). From there, we went down town to a couple of
Clubs. I then took him to a nice Hotel where I made him comfortable, lit candles, slipped
into lingerie, drew a bubble bath while soft music played and from there we began our long
journey into the night and morning. TIP: Don't ever stop dating, even after you're married..
~ Posted 10/27 Submitted by Jenni
41. Leave A Message
It's extremely sweet to receive a message on your machine when you get home from work;
anything from "just thinking about you" to "miss you" can make someone glow.
~ Posted 10/27 Submitted by Jennifer Guindon
40. Remembering how it started
At least once a month my boyfriend and I go to the place where we had our first date, and
we talk about how it was then and how it is now. We tell each other what attracted us to the
other and how we felt, it is a great time to remember how much we love each other.
~ Posted 10/27 Submitted by Anonymous
39. Remain Playful
A true token of love, to me, is an ability to share a playful moment together. We as couples
usually share work, home life, quiet times, and intimate....but play is the most romantic, and
connected feeling of all. When I meet that special someone who can fulfill all my desires in
a person, the most important to me is being able to remain playful throughout our lives!
~ Posted 10/13 Submitted by Jaxx
38. A Simple Gesture
My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 8 months. We don't live together, but we
do see each other quite a bit. As much as I love seeing him and all of the things he does for
me when I know they are coming, my most favorite is when I wake up in the morning and his
sitting on my bed, just watching me sleep. He isn't able to do this very often, so when he
does it makes it a very special gesture.
~ Posted 10/13 Submitted by Amby
37. Moments of Love
Without love life is so empty, understand the person you love is very hard sometimes, but
being in love is like a have dozens a roses everyday and everytime when you wake up in
the morning without love. You only can see clouds around you, when love touches your
heart you can hear music always saying to you thank you God for having you.
~ Posted 9/19 Submitted by Anonymous
36. 2 truths and a lie
On our first date, I told my now boyfriend 3 statements, one of which was false. He had
to determine which was false. We took turns doing this for quite awhile, and he told me
later that he had really enjoyed getting to know each other this way.
~ Posted 9/19 Submitted by Jenni
35. Tell him/her why!
The first time my now boyfriend and I hugged, he asked me to tell him why I liked him.
Without thinking, I listed 4 or 5 reasons. Sometimes when we are sharing an intimate
moment, I will start "listing" the reasons that I love him - sometimes I mention ones that
he already knows, or I will introduce new ones. It's important for your partner to know
what draws you to him/ her, and it's important for them to hear it.
~ Posted 9/19 Submitted by Jenni
34. Drive safely!
This sounds corny, but one of the first things that drew me to my boyfriend, was, if I drop-
ped him off after our dates, he would always tell me to drive safely. It is such a little gesture,
but it always lets me know that he is concerned for me, and thinking about me as I travel
home. It makes me feel protected and cherished.
~ Posted 9/19 Submitted by Jenni
33. Kiss A Day
Kiss your life partner daily before you go to sleep even if your terms not good. If you are
unable to kiss today tomorrow you give two.
~ Posted 8/24 Submitted by prabhakar .p
32. Be There...
Be there when they need you. Every chance you get tell them you love them. Take every
moment possible to spend time with them. Have something special waiting for them when
you see them. If you do these things, you'll make memories that you will never forget
because just being around the person you love is a memory that should never be forgotten.
~ Posted 8/6 Submitted by Nathan Waldruff
31. The unexpected
The best and most wonderful thing you can do for a special woman is to be spontaneous
in your love. Give her a flower when she least expects it, slip a love poem in her luggage
or purse before going away, or even tell her that her lipstick shade brings out her eyes. J
ust try to do it when she isn't expecting anything special to happen.
~ Posted 8/6 Submitted by Anonymous
30. Time out for two
We have a state park near where we live and it's always fun to go up and sit in the branches
of a big, old tree and watch the sun set below the cliffs together.
~ Posted 8/6 Submitted by Kristen
29. Make your love feel special
If your loved one is feeling down about anything you have to make them feel special.
#1 call their work and ask in advance for a leave of absence.
#2 then make them their favorite breakfast.
#3 spend a whole day listening talking , catering to their every need.
This, of course, isn't just for someone who is feeling down you can surprise anyone
at any time.
~ Posted 7/22 Submitted by Jesse
28. Cherish the moment
Don't rush love-making. Take the time to pay attention to your mate. Not only try to please
yourself, but make sure that he/she is also pleased. And, during & after... look into each
other's eyes. No words are needed. Just looking in each other's eyes at such an intimate
time is such an overwhelmingly wonderful feeling!
~ Posted 7/22 Submitted by Anonymous
27. Take time to reconnect
Sometimes two people just need to take an emotional breather, and reconnect. You also
know what you have is special when you are together, and there is nothing that you can
not talk about. Openness and honesty is important. Talking and cuddling is very nice, and
another good connector is when you just look at each other, and stroke each others faces,
~ Posted 7/8 Submitted by Melissa + Nate
26. Say Nothing At All
Sometimes, the most powerful moments you can have with your loved one are the ones
where you say nothing at all. Take your mate for a very long walk through a quiet park or
down a peaceful street. Insist before you leave that you will not say a word while you are
out, but that you'll just be together. You'll both be surprised at how moving the experience
can be.
~ Posted 7/8 Submitted by TracyFan
25. Appreciate each other
When my boyfriend and I want to really spend time appreciating each other, we like to lay
in each others arms and feel each others heart beat. It is the most amazing feeling in the
world and you make a total connection with your partner!
~ Posted 6/10 Submitted by Anonymous
24. Spontaneous shows of affections
My boyfriend and I are at the same university so I have his timetable. To show how much
I love him I just turn up when he least expects it with some food or other surprises.
Spontaneous shows of affections are a sure way to keep a romance alive.
~ Posted 6/1 Submitted by Christine
23. The secret of my success
My husband is a great husband. He has always done the little things that keep our marriage
alive. And he has never been afraid of doing so called "women" stuff to help me. My friends
are envious. I tell him he should write a book to help his friends. one day I gave him a card
that summed it all up. It said: People wonder how I can work, be a good mother, run a
household, and still manage to keep my sanity. I'm afraid if I tell them how much you do to
help, they'll kidnap you while you're at the grocery store!
~ Posted 5/27 Submitted by Still in love in Ca.
22. When you greet each other
If it is not always that you see each other. Why not make the most of it like:
a) give him a hug or a kiss as your first greeting followed by
b) showing him a big smile then
c) to tell him that you miss him and how happy you are then
d) the rest will follow. Just follow your love instincts and everything will be wonderful,
]you'll  see. Little things just touch your heart.
~ Posted 5/27 Submitted by Belle
21. Open Your Heart
Often the greatest way to show your love is by giving someone your trust. Open up and
tell your mate something about you that no one else knows. It's a sure fire way to let them
know how special they are and how much they mean to you.
~ Posted 5/20 Submitted by Quiana
20. Love Rituals
It is good to have rituals in your relationship that are unique to you and your love one.
For instance, I could order the Sunday paper, but my girlfriend and I have decided that
it is a lot more fun to wake up on Sunday morning and enjoy a nice walk down to
7-eleven together. We do this every Sunday and it is so peaceful and relaxing. I gives
a chance to talk and laugh. Then we come back and read the sunday funnies and the
rest of the paper together.
~ Posted 5/20 Submitted by Todd
19. Special Surprises
I think the most romantic thing you can do is to make the person a special surprise.
Fill the room full of candles. It's very romantic!
~ Posted 5/15 Submitted by Abril Quintero
18. Be spontaneous
Well, it's a bit schmaltzy, and I don't know how many people out there are high-school
students (I am), but...I had a huge crush on a girl at my school, and one day I saw her
staring at this one purple lilac that was growing on a tree near our English class. She
told one of our mutual friends that it was so perfect, but she couldn't reach it. After she
had left, I had our friend distract her while I climbed the tree, plucked it, and put it on top
of her backpack. Interpret for your situation as you wish.
~ Posted 5/15 Submitted by Anonymous
17. Going out of your way
It's the little things that say "I love you" the loudest. A few years back I remember my
husband bought me a small bag of candy; the candy is a candy that is hard to find; he
got it at a gas station when he stopped to pump gas, but he was thinking of ME!
~ Posted 5/13 Submitted by Sheri
16. Doing for others
Get involved together in a project to help others. Doing something nice for others as
a couple really tenders the heart!
~ Posted 5/2 Submitted by Erica English
15. Pay Attention
The best way that I have found to show that you love that person is to pay attention to
what they tell you. It's a very easy thing to do but it is often overshadowed by personal
thoughts or wants.
~ Posted 5/2 Submitted by Michael
14. Time for Two
Just spend time together.. always.. more than you'd actually have time to do.
~ Posted 5/2 Submitted by Maria
13. Be Yourself
The best way for a person to romantic is by being your own self. Don't let others tell
you what to do. Come up with something no one would expect. Like ask your girlfriend
or boyfriend to make love under the kitchen table. Something creative. Show who you
are. Don't follow the society. Like roses on Valentine day. Glow in the dark condom
will be a really good Valentine gift. Just be different. I think different is romantic. :o)
~ Submitted 4/14 by Kurupted Monk
12. Say I love you
When your love is working overtime thru the night, slogging away at the desk, call up
in the middle of the night and whisper your love to him through the phone! He'll be back
in the morning as a happy man!
~ Posted 5/12 Submitted by Kavitha
11. It's the little things that count.
A little token or two to show how much you care is always appreciated. If he's sick,
bring him NYC and hot soup. If he's upset, bring him flowers... spend some time with him.
~ Posted 5/12 Submitted by Anonymous
10. Make a wish
Share something as simple as a wish. If there is ever a waterfall or pond nearby, take a
penny and you both hold onon to it and close your eyes and make your wishes. After you
both kiss the penny and you both throw the penny into the water. After give one another a
kiss and say that you love each other. That is a memorable moment that you can share
and then you can wait to see if your wishes come true together.
~ Posted 5/7 Submitted by Danielle
9. Setting the mood with music
Create a tape of all your favorite love songs and play it in the car, on a picnic that the two
of you have, or when you stay in one night. It creates a mood.
~ Posted 5/7 Submitted by Christia
8. Laughter
Laugh, laugh and laugh together.......everywhere
~ Submitted 11/2 by Abigail
7. Praise Your Mate
Tell him/her that they are the best. Kiss often and comfort each other by holding each
other... anywhere... hehe
~ Posted 12/15 Submitted by The Gallie
6. Basics of Romance
The simplest way to show your affection and love... Holding hands and holding each other.
~ Submitted 3/20 by Silver Heart
5. A touch is worth a thousand words
Use your touch, words, tone of your voice, your smile and expression generously. Look
into her eyes sincerely (research shows a person can tell when his/her partner is lying),
and say something from the bottom of your heart (if you got nothing to say, don't lie just
smile). Girls are most emotional, they always think with feelings, therefore beware what
you put in. Rather than saying how cute she/he is a 1000 times just pull her nose. Love
songs can be a powerful tool - in your relationship... but guys always remember there
will be a point in your life where you have to let go (be seperated) no matter what.
Remember my saying : "Know how nice it is to love somebody but also know the pain
to be seperated from him/her" Trust me give me enough financial, time and freedom of
touch - I am certain to make anyone love me (girls of course - I' not gay).
~ Submitted 3/17 by Intan Suraya
4. Express how you really feel
Tell her how you really feel about her, that you love her from the inside not the outside,
but tell her she does look good from the out side to. Talk to her sweet and say something
like: your eyes can make the sun rise or your the reason my heart beats or you look so
good I wish I could grow a whole field of you.
~ Submitted 3/15 by Marty Mar
3. Say I Love You
Whisper her you care about her and love her, tell her you love her before you say goodbye,
tell it to her in front of everyone. and then shout it to the world.
~ Submitted 2/15 by Briscoe's girl
2. Pull Each Other Close
Pull her close when she's cold, pull her close when you're cold, and pull her close just
because it feels good.
~ Submitted 2/15 by Briscoe's girl
1. Look into their eyes
Look into the eyes of your special someone and you can see your future everytime;
because the eyes are the key to the soul.
~ Submitted 2/16 by michelle