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About me

G'day!  My name is E-leen@Yumeko.  You can either call me E-leen or Yumeko.  I have friends calling me 'mopiko'.  But I think they are kinda cute... hahahahaha!  Hmmmm... you are guessing how old am I?  Okay.. am now 20 years old.  I live in Malaysia (if you are not one of Malaysian ppl, please scroll down to know where on earth is Malaysia located... ok? ^_^

My family members?  Oh my father's name is Ramond Chew and
he has a web site at or 

Hobbies? Hmmmm... I like to dance a lot... I know how to dance tradisional dance, some basic ballroom dance steps, modern dance.  As for sports activities, I go for swim or volleyball games with some of my friends.  I like to play around with adobe photoshop and playing around with my homepage when I have freetime.  Although I haven't been to any webpage design classes.  =) 

As for music... WHOA!  I am in love with bands like GLAY, Cranberries, Cardigans, Grasshopper(HK) and so on.  Oh ya!  Backstreet Boys... I like them, I think they are very kewl guys but I am not really their BIG fans... ^_^.  As for the non-band singers, Andy Lau, Sally Yeh, Sammi Cheng(from HK), Janet Jackson, Celine Dion, Mel C, and so on.  I like to listen to variety of songs and musics as well.

Fav. movies?  Notting Hill, Big Daddy, Never Been Kissed, Ever After, and so on.  Fav. movie stars?  Long long list... so I better stop filling up the whole space... HAH!  Anime/Manga/TV series?  Great Teacher
Onizuka, Initial D, Pokemon monsters, Fushi Yuugi.  Hehehehehehe...

Life is now... cool and fun to me.  I understand that every human being have to face every problem to live.  I think mine still have a long way to go.  I here wish everyone of you that's reading this will think about it... why sulk and grumbling about how your life sucks.  Why not just enjoy and have fun?  Love your body, dance like nobody is watching, work like you don't need the money... I saw this quote from one of Mark Twain's quote collection.

I also want to wish some of these people that I love and cherish them until death do us apart that good luck in everything and my best love to you all.  They are:

My father: a very loving father that teaches me a lot of things.  Play
with me when I am naughty, talk to me when I am lonely and upset,... he's the best!
Catherine Wong: A very 'cute' woman, with hiden talents like cook
good foods, a caring person with unselfish personality, keeps her promises.  (hmm... come to think of it... kinda miss her cooking.)
Kuan Kok Sin: He has been there for me when my life was going ups and downs, you won't regret to know him.  He's not rich, handsome guy but as long as he treat me good and respects me a lot (even until now).  I thanked Kok Sin for being my inspiration and supporter.
Everlyn Kaw: Wonder why her name is Everlyn?  She said it's bcoz 
the 'lyn' sounds like 'leen'... how touching... she had been my best
friend for 3-4yrs by now.  A good supporter as well as good friend. 
No matter what I have done, wrong or right, she had been there for
me.  I recommend her... to you guys...!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!
Pamela Chen: Although I only have been your friend for a few months... but working with you for the few months meant a lot to me.  I have admiring how you treat things so professionally and you are a great 'sister' to me.  Thanks to you.
Desmond and Douglas: To the brothers in the Choong family... thanks for being my friend for such a long time.  I salute to you, Douglas... for being a true friend.
Chow Sim Yian: HAHAHAHA... this joker?  I knew him for only... not more than two months but... he's a REAL kewl guy which I think... it's worth to know him! He cares a lot for his 'brothers'.  Escp. Kok Sin, Mark, Seong, Hou, Soo, Edwyn.
Mark Ong: WHOAHAHAHAHA... funny guy... full of 'bullshits'.
Choon Hou: *ROFLMAO*  A VERY VERY cute and funny guy which you'll laugh at anytime when you see his funny looks and he's 'rubbish' talks... you should see how he's funny looking faces.
Toby Edmondson: A senior citizen living in USA which had been inspiration to me for 2yrs.  A fun loving man also.  I have been admiring him a lot.  Wanna know why?  Subscribe to his mailing list, you'll know how much you'll gain from him. Click here!
Shokie: Hey!  Come back soon... OK?  She's a great online friend of mine.  ^_^  I personally think that she's been good to me all the while.
Neal B. Scully: A fun guy, get along well guy.. a good listener.. a great friend to me.  Hahahaha... wish u and Janice forever love! =p
Seong: Just put up by demand!!! ^_^ Hahahaha... anyway, he is nice.
Ok... enough for this... I will update more when I meet someone worth it to be mention over here... as the list go longer... I'll just add another page in ok? ^_^  HAVE FUN AND ENJOY... DON'T WORRY AND BE HAPPY!!!!


The MAP... hehehehehehehe...