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Glay, was formed by Takuro in 1988 all the way from Hokkaidou(their hometown)
to Tokyo to start their career.  The name Glay was origanally from a bassist of a
band name Jun Gray.

Teru & Takuro was schoolmates during primary & secondary school days.
Formally, Teru was a drummer playing on some functions.  Takuro asked
him to join Glay as a vocalist (Teru can hit high notes and sings well).
Hisashi then joined Glay after he break up from he's former band (ANT).

After high school, Takuro suggested that they all shift to Tokyo to 'push' Glay.
At that time, Glay members contain Takuro, Teru, Hisashi and Shingo (bassist).
Glay was in 'dark age' when they arrived in Tokyo.  They work in daytime and
performed in pubs at night.  Teru was working in a constructing company,
Hisashi in game center & convenient store, Takuro worked in a video tape shop.
October, 17, 1993 was the day that changed Glay completely.  Jiro joined in and
while they were performing that nite (at Club Gio), one of the audience...
X-JAPAN's member, Yoshiki was there and invited Glay to join Extasy Record.

Glay members were surprised at  the offer and rejected at first.  After Yoshiki's
motivation talks.  The members finally nod their heads and were touched by
Yoshiki's determination and he's confidence in them.

And now... Glay is the top five J-Pop/Rock group in Japan.
Recently "However", "Yuwaku" and "Soul Love" sold more than 1,000,000 CDs.
Teru Name : Teru (¤p¾ô·Ó«Û)
Birthdate : 1971.6.8
Birthplace : Hokkaidou, Japan
B l o o d T y p e : O
Position in Glay : Vocal
Teru has he's own special policy about his songs.  He dislike audience clapping 
hands when he sing ballads in any of the concerts.  Why?  Because the noise 
annoys Teru, and he wants people to listen carefully to their songs that is trying
to touch each person's heartstrings.  Teru has one elder and one younger sister.
Glay members said Teru is a good cook, all the members likes to eat what he cooks.
Teru is the chatterbox in this group.  In most of the interviews I had watched,
he's always very active and he answers most of the questions.  *grin*
Teru also likes to design using Macintosh as well.  Teru said he likes to play around
he's computer very much.  Even though after all the hard days whether he's tired 
or not he still turns on he's computer once he gets home ^_^.
You can see his works in his Radio Program Homepage - TERU ME NIGHT GLAY.
Teru says he's still in the learning stage, he often asks Hisashi for advice!
He said he learned many things from Hisashi!  The cutest of all is even though
Hisashi and Teru meets almost everyday, they still email each other when they
they are online.  OooOoo I do hope I can get their email address. *LOL*

Rumors about him divorced and now people are spreading him and Ami 
(from PUFFY) is currently a couple.  Also, they will be getting married soon.

Name : Takuro (¤[«OµZ­¦)
Birthday : 1971.5.26
Birthplace : Hokkaidou, Japan
Blood Type : O
Position in Glay : Guitar, writing melody and lyrics
Hmmm.... TAKURO... a very inspired good song composer.  My opinion is that
without him, Glay wouldn't have good songs to sing.  'Glorious' & 'Beloved' is
my favourites.  Anyway, Takuro is the Glay's leader.   Almost 80% of all the
songs were written by Takuro.  Oh one thing... Takuro is a tall guy.  He's
around 183cm.  *grin*  He'll be a good model coz he got the cool look on he's
face and also a slim body.  As what I had read in their interviews, Takuro is a
gentle and friendly person.  He said he likes to travel to London & New York.
But never have the time to there.  He also said that he wanted to learn and
listen to variety kind of musics.  He likes to learn a lot of things about music huh?
Er... Takuro also like to buy things onliine.  Wonder what he likes to buy best huh?
Hisashi Name : Hisashi (¥~§ø©|)
Birthday : 1972.2.2
Birthplace : Hokkaidou, Japan
Blood Type : O
Position In Glay : Guitar
Hisashi is quiet, shy, funny, wild, hyper type... He's a... COOL COOL guy man!
Also, he's one of the JPOP's favourite front page cover 'boy' hehehehehehe....
He's always dressed up in unique way.  Stylish hair and so on.  He said he likes
to put on make up.  Looks wild and sexy to me.  *hyuck hyuck*
Hisashi loves to play around he's computer.  Before concerts, while setting hair,
on van....any where he is you'll see him reading Mac magazines - ALWAYS! 
He even constructed his own homepage!!  He didn't tell it to anyone because
he wants people to find it... Ha!  I have found it now *giggles* (oh lucky me!)
he's homepage is SURF THE DEAD CITY, he often likes to update it, pull it down
than put it up again... but I think since GLAY is having a busy schedule now,
guess his page will be left un-updated for awhile!
Name : Jiro (©M¤s¸q¤¯)
Birthdate : 1972.10.17
Birthplace : Hokkaidou, Japan
Blood Type : A
Position In Glay : Bass
Whoa... Jiro... the youngest guy in GLAY.  Know what?  Girls admires him a lot
bcoz of he's cute and baby face look.  Maybe he's the most baby face guy
who play bass in Japan.  I like what he had composed 2 songs for 'Beloved' album.
He sings in 'Shutter Speeds'.  The 2nd single is 'Kanariya'.  Jiro loves photography.
He got a strong masculine voice.  Jiro is very popular for being very fashionable.
He often change his hair color in orange, blond, and red.
Furthermore, Jiro has his own radio program in Kansai Prefecture, called 
"Buggy crush night" on FM802.  This program is on the air on every Sunday 
midnight which is supported by his fans, and send many cool tracks not only
Japanese ones but also overseas ones as well as GLAY's.

In addition, the reason why he is called "Jiro" instead of his real name,"Yoshihito"?
When he was still in Hokkaido, one day on a live event, he was asked 
"What's your name?" by a stranger, and he accidentally answered his name was 
"Jiro".  From that day, everyone started to call him "Jiro".