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Real Name : Brian James Armstrong
Nick Name : Road Dogg (D-Generation X)
                      The New Age Outlaws (Tag Team with Bad Ass B.G.)
                      Joined in WWF in year 1992.
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 236 pounds
From: Nashville, Tennessee
Favorite Quote: "Oh you didn't know? Your ass better call somebody!"
                            "Let's do it in DOGGY STYLE!...."
Career highlights: Tag Team Champion (with Badd Ass Billy Gunn),
                               Hardcore Champion, Intercontinental Champion.
After proving himself in the tag team division by securing the Tag Team
Championship on three occasions, Road Dogg has done the same in
singles competition.  He was one of the first Hardcore Champions before
he was stripped of the title due to injury.  Just a few weeks after returning,
he defeated Val Venis to become the Intercontinental Champion.
While the Road Dogg was in the ring winning titles, he attained more and
more popularity with the fans.  When he gets on the microphone, the crowd
chants along with him.  One of the most charismatic superstars in the
Federation, the Road Dogg is as entertaining as he is tough.
D-Generation X
Favourite Quote: "S*CK IT!"
Considered by many to be the most powerful and influential group sports
and entertainment, DX is a notorious faction of controversial superstars
that originated out of true friendship.  Deciding that Federation officials
were no longer going to put a strain on their allegiance, Shawn Michaels
and Triple H combined forces, and as a result D-Generation X was born.
HBK, HHH and Chyna began disrespecting, mocking, frustrating and
pulverizing just about every official and fellow superstar in the Federation.
Following his loss to Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania XIV,
Shawn Michaels was replaced by Triple H as the leader of DX.
In yet another DX shake-up, at WrestleMania XV Triple H turned his back on
long time friend X-Pac to join the Corporation, leaving X-Pac and the New Age
Outlaws as the remaining members.  When Billy Gunn also left the faction,
X-Pac and Road Dogg were left as the sole survivors.